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July, 15th 2013

This month we support the mighty Vicious Rumors on Sunday, 28th of July!!! Also on board are Black Hawk. Location is the Rock`n Roll Warehouse in Hamburg. More info on our facebook page in the coming days - so stay tuned :-)

April, 10th 2013

NEW Live gig: We will play the new Rock Café as support for Sister Sin!!! This is going to be fun, so make sure to join us:-)

More details for this event and BIG news soon!

February, 6th 2013

Another new gig: We`ll play the Heavy Veddel Open Air. This is a free event on June 1st 2013.

Check out details at facebook.
2ND SIGHT are from Hamburg, Germany and were founded in January 2005. All members were already involved in local bands before (f. ex. Arctic Fields, Paradigm Shift and Storm Of Sorrows) and so we started composing very soon.

Our style is quite a mixture of melodic metal and rock music with the focus on being special and not comparable to anyone. We always try to be catchy as well as sophisticated in our songs and present those in a high energy stage performance.

The first two gigs were done as Sons Of Cain but that name did not really fit to our musical identity and therefore we decided to change into 2nd Sight.

With that new name and after several gigs in and near Hamburg founding member Tjark wanted to set his focus more on his death metal band SOS and left 2nd Sight in January 2007. The following year Ben Baecker stepped in and did some gigs with us before he had to move to Osnabrück. In that difficult situation Tjark decided to rejoin the band in early 2008 for the pre-production and recording of our debut album and for some live appearances.

In early October, only a few days after the album was done, Paco Gomez joined the band but moved back to Spain a few months later.

Current line-up:

– voice
SBo – guitar
Hannes – guitar
Dennis – bass
Alex – drums

Former band mates:

Kolja – drums
Tjark Eisfeld – guitar
Ben Baecker – guitar
Rü       SBo       Hannes       Dennis       Alex


Voice, guitar, keys


Life itself


Music, sports, going out

“I started playing keyboards at the age of 14 switching to the guitar very soon for I really was into Metallica and Megadeth and wanted to play those songs.

About two years later I met SBo and we started our first band Fallacy, which emerged into Paradigm Shift a few years later. Unfortunately we never got a proper vocalist so I placed myself behind the mic.


With the founding of 2nd Sight I decided to concentrate completely on vocals. My main influences are based in the classical rock and metal scene including Bruce Dickinson, John Arch, Geoff Tate and Dio as well as Klaus Meine and Kai Hansen.

But I also have to mention Lou Gramm, Steve Perry, Meat Loaf and Dan McCafferty to name just a few …I also sing in a cover band called Metal Meltdown.”

Favourite top ten:

1. Metallica – “Master / Justice”
2. Megadeth – everything
3. Iron Maiden – everything
4. Helloween – “Walls Of Jericho”
5. Fates Warning – “Awaken The Guardian”
6. Queensrÿche – “Operation Mindcrime”
7. Judas Priest – “Painkiller”
8. Slayer – “Seasons In The Abyss”
9. Kreator – “Coma Of Souls” / “Extreme Aggressions”
10. Death – “Symbolic”
       SBo       Hannes       Dennis       Alex




Blackmore, Reale, Friedman, Murray


Music, Sports

“I started playing classical guitar in my youth, short after I turned into the electrical guitar and heavier music. From the very beginning I played with Christopher, the drummer of Rüdiger’s and my longtime band Fallacy (later Paradigm Shift).

Our music at that time was a quite complicated mixture of classical Thrash Metal (Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Riot) and the stuff (progressive-) metal bands played in the 80's (Iron Maiden, Fates Warning, etc.).


In 2003 we decided to close the chapter Paradigm Shift. Now, to me 2nd Sight is the attempt to create music with new guys, that possesses melodic and harmonic freedom and reaches the listeners, but at the same time stays interesting from a musical point as well.”

Personal top ten:

1. Slayer – “Seasons In The Abyss”
2. Jethro Tull – “Minstrel In The Gallery”
3. Riot – “The Privilege Of Power”
4. Fates Warning – “The Spectre Within”
5. Genesis – “Selling England By The Pound”
6. Pink Floyd – “Atom Heart Mother”
7. Running Wild – “Death Or Glory”
8. Iron Maiden – “Powerslave”
9. Dream Theater – “When Dream And Day Unite”
10. Megadeth – “Rust In Peace”
       SBo       Hannes       Dennis       Alex




Dimebag Darrel, Jeff Waters, Marty Friedman, Hetfield, ...


Music, Outdoor activities, meeting friends

“I started playing the classical guitar first and turned into the electrical guitar in my youth. I got into heavy music and wanted to play that kind of music by myself. So I searched for cool guys to found a band. After several projects and bands, I met Dennis in 2008. We founded the thrash metal band Beyond The Pale, where Kolja plays the drums since 2009. I met the guys of 2nd Sight as they were friends of Dennis and became a fan of their music. I visited many gigs of 2nd Sight until their guitar player left the band.


The vacancy lasted for a few months when Rüdiger and SBo asked me if I would help out playing the guitar for a gig. So I learned the songs and we played together at the marX in Hamburg. It turned out good and according to the fun it is to play with 2nd-Sight, I decided to help out for some more gigs until they will have found a new full member for playing the guitar. I´m looking forward the next gigs!”

Personal top ten:

1. Pantera – “Cowboys from Hell”
2. Metallica – “Master of Puppets”
3. Megadeth – “Youthanasia”
4. Annihilator – “King of the Kill”
5. Pantera – “Vulgar Display of Power”
6. Testament – “everything”
7. Exodus – “everything”
8. Black Sabbath – “everything”
9. Judas Priest – “everything”
10. Iron Maiden – “everything”
       SBo       Hannes       Dennis       Alex




James Hetfield, Dave Mustaine, Chuck Schuldiner, Marty Friedman, Jeff Waters, Gary Holt, Steve Harris, David Ellefson


Music, Sports, Meeting Friends, Going out

“I started playing electric guitar at the age of 15 years and short after that I started with bass guitar. The reason for that was that I was a huge fan of Metallica and Megadeth and I wanted to play that music by myself.

Short after the turn of the millennium I met Rüdiger and Stellan of the band Paradigm Shift who were searching for a bass player. Thenceforth I played in Paradigm Shift till the band has dissolved in the year 2003. After that I played over the years guitar and bass in many other bands.

In the year 2008 I founded together with Hannes the thrash metal band Beyond The Pale where I'm composer and guitarist. Kolja is also playing there since 2009. Hannes and Kolja are also helping out on the guitar and drums in 2nd Sight at the moment.


For the first time I helped out in 2nd Sight for one gig in the year 2006 because Ingo the bass player to that time had no time to play there. Ingo left the band finally in 2009 so Stellan and Rüdiger were asking me if I would like to play in 2nd Sight. Since that time I am playing there as permanent bass player.

I am very happy to have the two bands 2nd Sight and Beyond The Pale with very different styles so it's varied and I can play both instruments guitar and bass.”

Favourite top ten:

1. Metallica – “Everything (until The Black Album)”
2. Megadeth – “Everything (until Youthanasia)”
3. Slayer – “Reign In Blood / Hell Awaits”
4. Death – “Everything”
5. Exodus – “Everything”
6. Annihilator – “Alice In Hell / Never, Neverland”
7. Iron Maiden – “Iron Maiden / Killers / Powerslave”
8. Kreator – “Coma Of Souls”
9. Fates Warning – “Awaken The Guardian / Spectre Within”
10. Riot – “Thundersteel / The Privilege Of Power”
       SBo       Hannes       Dennis       Alex




Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Stratovarius, Metallica, Pantera



“I started playing drums in the early nineties, only jamming around with a few people in the beginning which soon led to be my first band called Up Send Minded. After this band split up I joined Arctic Fields and recorded two E.P.`s with 'em. I was involved in some projects as well at that time.

In Summer 2008 I joined Scottish metal act Alestorm as a session drummer for their festival season and played the Wacken Open Air, Graspop, the Metal Camp and other big festivals in Europe.

Since January 2005 I play drums in 2nd Sight.”


Favourite top ten:

1. Iron Maiden – “Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son ”
2. Manowar – “Kings Of Metal”
3. Helloween – “Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I + II”
4. Machine Head – “Burn My Eyes ”
5. Pantera – everything
6. Stratovarius – “Visions”
7. Kamelot – “Karma”
8. Edguy – “Mandrake”
9. Nightwish – “Wishmaster”
10. Dream Theater – “Images & Words”

"Second Sight" - 2008

1. Second Sight
2. Machine Messiah
3. Famous Last Words
4. Everlasting Flame
5. Soulchaser
6. Vital Signs


7. Eyes Wide Shut
8. Bleeding
9. Saber Rider
10. Out Of Sight
11. In Memoriam
12. The Televangelist

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Live dates (future/2013)

09.03.2013 Bambi Galore, HH: with The Gate, Seven Seas
05.04.2013 Ballroom, HH: with 5th Avenue and Jackbox
08.05.2013 Rockcafé, HH: support for Sister Sin
01.06.2013 Heavy Veddel Open Air, Hamburg
28.07.2013 Rock`n Roll Warehouse, HH: with Vicious Rumors, Black Hawk

Live dates (past)

30.06.2012 Grünspan, HH: 5 Years Three Monkeys, with Todtgelichter, Liquid God, Retain and Eden Circus
17.03.2012 Knust, HH: with Retain and Seven Seas
23.12.2011 Markthalle, HH: w. Pharao,Black Hawk, Chain Reaction
15.01.2010 Knust, HH: with Holy Purgatory & Dysborn
21.11.2009 Ballroom, HH; with Mob Rules
19.10.2009 Columbia Club, Berlin: with Dragonforce
17.07.2009 Ballroom, HH: with Holy Purgatory
19.12.2008 Ballroom, HH: Releaseparty with DeafCon5 & Friends
23.04.2008 Ballroom, HH: with Jon Oliva`s Pain
19.01.2008 Knust, HH: with Trespassing & Accid Reign
14.12.2007 Rock 'n' Roll Warehouse - "Crime city night"
01.12.2007 Ateliergemeinschaft Bleichenstraße
27.07.2007 Ballroom, HH
04.05.2007 Ballroom, HH: with Mercenary
25.01.2007 Knust, HH: with Trespassing & Accid Reign
16.10.2006 Norderstedt
01.07.2006 Logo, HH: with Accid Reign & Cash on Delivery
05.05.2006 Startloch, HH: with Accid Reign
31.03.2006 Ballroom, HH: with Black Hawk & Stone Cold Black
03.02.2006 Knust, HH: with Trespassing, Madric & Zero Illusion
24.11.2005 Logo, HH: with Seismic Tremor
30.09.2005 Burgtor, Lübeck
20.07.2005 Marx/Markthalle, HH
14.05.2005 Ballroom, HH

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